Media Center Villa

Sitting on 1.56 acres the property is centrally located in the entertainment hub of California with access to major highways and convenient shopping. The property was modestly renovated with an exterior paint job and new landscaping several years prior to the acquisition. However, the appearance remained outdated, failing to attract the market rents that the [...]

1001 Melrose

Located in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles County, 1001 Melrose was renovated and rebranded into a stylish new community. Prior to its acquisition, the property was formerly known as “Glenoaks Apartments” suffered from underperformance driven by high turnover and lack of cash flow. Multifamily Investment Partners executed a $650k ($10,317 per unit) to upgrade [...]

The Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara is a 52 unit garden style community located in Newport Beach, California, which is one of the wealthiest communities in California and the nation. Built in 1971, the property was under maintained and capital starved. Multifamily Investment Partners' business plan focused on creating better curb appeal and amenities for the property. As [...]